Waffenruhe by Michael Schmidt

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Waffenruhe, a now classic photobook by Michael Schmidt (1945–2014), was first published in 1987 by the Berlin-based Dirk Nishen Verlag. It quickly sold out and continues to fetch high prices on the antiquarian book market; it is reprinted here for the first time. The book is Schmidt’s portrait of a still-divided Berlin: it brings together surprising combinations of high-contrast, black-and-white images to express a generation’s dystopian sense of life shortly before the fall of the Wall. Schmidt evokes a world of ruptures and absences that eschews any comprehensive perspective.

The images combine with a text by author and director Einar Schleef to create a brusque, entirely individual vision of the fragility of human existence—a book that is regularly included among the most influential photographic books of the 20th century.

Text by Janos Frecot, Einar Schleef, Karin Schmidt, Thomas Weski.

Pbk, 10.5 x 12 in. / 80 pgs / 39 b&w.
Pub Date: 9/25/2018 |
ISBN 9783960983026


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