Utatane (recent printing) by Rinko Kawauchi

Utatane (recent printing) by Rinko Kawauchi

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This is a recent reprint.

Carps, clouds, a curtain, a tire, fried eggs, grandfather, a butterfly. These are the details of the everyday life that are too easily missed. Seen through the lens of Kawauchi’s camera, however, the ordinary shines with bejeweled patterns of light; even an ant transforms into a statement of style. At the same time, the carcass of a dove proclaims the book’s theme of the terror that exists next door to everyday beauty. This thoughtful debut photobook won awards for its graceful contemplation of mortality.

Photograph : Rinko Kawauchi

Art Direction : Gento Matsumoto
Design : Syoko Yamana

Specifications : 250 mm x 190 mm / 128 pages
Published : 2001
ISBN : 4-89815-052-7


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