Spinning a Yarn by Munemasa Takahashi

Spinning a Yarn by Munemasa Takahashi

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After all, what does “things that float on water” really indicate? Seeking for an answer to this, I photographed different subjects one after another. At the same time, life went on; I got married and then we had a child around a year later. Here came my turn to take our own family photographs, just like those numerous ones that I cleansed in the aftermath of the earthquake. Marriage, delivery, child-raising. Every time a new photo was taken, in association with the existing ones, it slightly changed the entire meaning.

Photographs straddle over multiple timeframes, through which some are forgotten and others are recollected. Every time you look back, episodes are newly connected or separated, continually spinning the narrative into the future.

When I responded to him saying I would sometime try with “things that float on water,” I never expected it would eventually get related to me photographing my own child. And now, what the words he uttered eight years ago allude to also feels different from before.

84pages | softcover (foil embossed cover with tipped-in image)
Limited of 700 (numbered & signed)
Publied by VERO (Takahashi’s self-publishing label)

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