On The Street 2 by Yuta Fuchikami

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While the name may suggest an album of streetsnaps or a homelessness documentary, Yuta Fuchikami’s photobook “On the Street 2” contains one of the strongest recent portrait series, featuring people he befriended around Tokyo’s Ueno Park area.
Shot in black and white using a medium-format Pentax camera, Fuchikami’s portraits connect their subjects so organically and naturally with their surroundings that it seems unimaginable they could exist anywhere else. A rare masterpiece in a well-populated genre.


edit : Wan Chaofan

design :   Tang Yayi

Limited edition of 500

publication date : September 2018


size : W210x H263mm x T3mm

language : Japanese/English/Chinese

ISBN : 978-4-908851-04-9 C0072


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 33 × 26 × 3 cm


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