Henricus Napit Sunargo – Lost in Space #11

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23 x 8.5 cm
Silver Gelatin Print on RC paper. Printed and matted by Henricus himself, but the matt board is yellowing due to storage. Signed on verso. Part of exhibition prints of “Lost in Space 2010-2011” series


I have often been walking into the wrong places. Places that mixed my
mood and made me feel alienated. So I asked myself “What is this place
where I stand?”

Yet I also feel like I’m in the right time. Just the perfect timing
for me to capture my feeling of anxiousness, disconnection,
disjunction, numbness, satyric, and solitude, even among the crowd.

Often times I feel discomfort in the atmosphere of these places. All
of which trigger the whole experience of harmony and distortion, some
melting into the form of images and I let the rest to be lost in

Henrycus Napit Sunargo is an Indonesian photographer based in Bandung.
He’s renowned for documenting urban city scenes and family moments.
He’s also a prolific darkroom printers. He had been in several
workshops & group exhibitions since 2007. In July 2010 he had his
first solo exhibition. He is actively encouraging young & local
photographers to pursue their personal projects through workshops & community.

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