Dot Pixel by Andi Ari Setiadi

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These works are some kinds of tributes to the memory of its former Pop-Art glorious wild period movement in contemporary art in the era of the American psychedelic in the early 1960s. From a photographic study of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), among others, the famous work of campbell tomato can soup (1962), or Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) who focus on dot-dot on advertisement interpretation and famous comics such as Whaamm! by Dyptichnya (1963). Paintings inspired by DC Marvel’s war comics that create a shock to the contemporary art world at that time. Pop – Art is a movement in art that break the rules in philosophy of seeing. While Dot Pixel by Andi Ari highlighted the existence and structure of the pixel colonies that formed the art behind the photographic image automatically. The theme selection of some products perform an image which has been part of our daily life, from childhood to adult hood. Since photography is an art of seeing, Dot Pixel as the image-building structure is a pile of philosophical anthropology in photography which exists to perpetuate the art of seeing in the way of the most essential foundation. As etymology in word. Or alpha to omega.
ISBN 978-979-1008-73-0
Dimension 25.6 CM X 20.5 CM,
106 pages Format Hardcover
Language English
Author Andi Ari Setiadi


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