Day Dream by Kaori Yuzawa

Day Dream by Kaori Yuzawa

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Ever since I was little, I liked to play in imaginary worlds.
Imagination has always given me an endless freedom and possibility.
I had learnt from my father who passed away last year
to play in the rich world of dreams.
I have never forgotten the feeling of bliss that I had experienced then.
To this day, I continue to have the desire to see the dream unfold,
and not to tire of this creative passion.
Here in this book, I hope to share the pleasant sensation of dreaming, even for a little.
—Kaori Yuzawa

While having started her career as a fashion model in her teenage years, Kaori Yuzawa has been created her art works in the form of photograph, painting, 3-D and music and showed them in exhibitions held both in Japan and abroad.
This will be the first publication of Yuzawa, composed of strictly selected works representing origin of her photographic works taken over the past 10 years.
Basically her works display a scnerey in reality photographed but it merely works as a documentary – rather, it appears like a scenery in Yuzawa’s daydreem. The blurred, fantastical photographs can be, at the same time, landscape of readers’ own heart stimulating their nostalgy, and we all are becoming a complice of Yuzawa’s narratives in the book.

Kaori Yuzawa
Moved to U.S. in 1997 and studied Bookbinding, Photography and Experimental Film at San Francisco Art Institute.
After coming back to Japan, she has been actively participating exhibitions both in Japan and abroad
with her extensive works with variety of format including photography, three-dimensional works, painting and music.
Lives and works in Tokyo.

Title: Day Dream
Photographs: Kaori Yuzawa
Design: Yosuke Okita
Text: Yoshiyuki Morioka (Moriokashoten)
Translation: Kenichi Eguchi
Size: 279 x 226mm
56 pages (22 colour images and 3 b/w images) / Hard Cover
Text: Japanese/ English
ISBN978-4-908062-07-0 C0072
May, 2015

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