Dark Cities 02. Capsule by Shyue Woon

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Located in Ginza, a prime district in Tokyo – Nakagin Tower is a 13 storeys tower designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972. The Tower has set the aesthetics typical of architectural dystopias: pure 70s heroic brutalism with a vision of alienation.

Today, the tower has fallen into disrepair. I grew obsessed with the tower and its madly visionary architect – by bringing the future into the present, and the tragedy of not able to dictate the evolution once human / economics imperfection intervenes. I attempt to construct an imaginary Kafkaesque narrative on someone (The architect) being trapped in his own tabula-rasa, trying to escape for the crumbling meta-textual stage of his own creation.

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DARK CITIES Trilogy, inaugural winner of the FIRST DRAFT Award by THEBOOKSHOW, is a series of three books of photographs re-imagining fringe spaces in the metropoles of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. CARPARK, first in the series, investigates the nocturnal meanderings of a dark multi-storey carpark in Singapore. CAPSULE, the second book, revisits a futuristic tower in Ginza built in the 1970s, through the imagined eyes and mind of its architect. The third book EULJIRO is a lost and found diary of a fading iconic Seoul district, once a symbol of the country’s modernization.

Co-published by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA), DARK CITIES is the debut publication of Singapore-based architect and photographer Shyue Woon.

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