Coming Home by Tandia Bambang Permadi

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“Coming Home” from Tandia Bambang Permadi is a book about remembering. His idea to go home to places he once belong is not a new concept. As a tradition, every year most Indonesian traveled far and in masses during Lebaran, only to go home to their “family”, home back in the village, or wherever their nuclear family are to spend time with their relatives.

In “Coming Home”, Tandia does not do this per se. Yes, he does go to Kuningan, where his grandparents from his mother does still lives there. Yes, he also went to Depok, where he grew up as a little boy. Finally, he took photos from Bandung, where he grew up from his teenage years until now. The thing about how Tandia work here is he ensure everybody will remember him by pointing his camera, with flash, to his subjects in their houses without being invited. This act of confronting to make a point evoked many different reactions from his subjects, from triggering conversations, eyebrows raising, to downright anger from the house owner.

This unusual method of working somehow worked for this book and gave us the feeling of intimacy and also a taste of voyeurism, something we don’t usually see from Indonesian photographs lately.

89 Photos
128 Pages
Arcoprint Edizioni 1.3, 140Gsm
Offset print + riso print for text
23.5cm x 17cm
First edition – 200 copies (including 10 copies of special edition)

Tandia Permadi (1986) is an Indonesian artist based in Bandung. He pursued his interest in art by studying in Institute Technology of Bandung for his MA. Through his works, Tandia often explores issues that first came as a personal turmoil in relation to individual politic, gender, and most recently the blurred line between sexuality and taboo. These are issues that are still considered to be sensitive in Indonesia.

Tandia currently is part of Gerilya Artist Collective. His works have been exhibited in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, India, USA, and Australia.

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Weight 600 g
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