As The Call, So The Echo by Yoshiyuki Okuyama

As The Call, So The Echo by Yoshiyuki Okuyama

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The photo-collection As the Call, So the Echo appears to find Okuyama pausing for a while, a little

over six years on from his debut, to reaffirm each individual innate link between living and
photographing that he was on the verge of losing. Both living and taking photos can only be in the
here and now in the first place. It is utterly impossible to live or photograph any “sometime” or
“someplace” other than the point in which we thus stand. Which is why he searched for a now
different from “now as imagery”; a now not as fantasy divorced from past and future, but a “lived
now” hand in hand with past and future.
Extracted from the “Toward a lived now” by Mariko Takeuchi (Critic)

254mm × 220 mm
168 pages

Published in December 2017.


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