A Penny for Your Thoughts by Kamboja Press and Drunkzine

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It is called A Penny for Your Thoughts

To be honestyeah we are starting this writing with honestythis project is a so called collaboration that was actually postponed for a bit of a long time. Due to our personal schedules (and inconsistency), it was hard to make this project happen. We also thought extremely hard about the mechanism of compiling the photos taken by photographers from various places into a book. We recognise our position as newbies and sometimes that makes us underestimate ourselves. At that time, we were doubtful that the photographers would be interested in our project and also whether they would put their trust in us to publish their photos. For a certain period of time, we forgot about this project.

Suddenly and spontaneously, we just wanted to make this project happen (again). We stopped think- ing about the complicated mechanism and just ran it (despite being unprepared). We decided that open calls and invitations were the best way to give word about this project as well as collect the photos. Beyond our expectations, there were approximately 70 submissions from photographers around the world throughout the 10 days of submission. Finally, we decided to select 10 photographers whose photos we would like to respond. The selected photographers are Cassandra Niki, Jean Skunk, Jovana Semiz, Kitty Riddell, Kristina Podobed, Laura-Lynn Petrick, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Nadia Rompas, Nadine Hanisya, and Naomi Wong.

This book is printed with blue, red, and black soy-based inks with Riso machine on certified paper within the standards of sustainable forestry. It is also available in three different colours of cover.

Initiated and compiled by Kamboja Press and Drunkzine
Book Design by Daud Sihombing
Photo for cover by Kitty Riddell
Published by Kamboja Press
Edition of 100


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Dimensions 25 × 17 × 3 cm


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